Judge John Hodgman on Swampy the Cat

Alana writes: My little sister and her cat, Swampy, are living with me for a month. Swampy is an excellent cat, but I would like his litter box in our basement apartment with my sister. She wants it in our living room because she doesn’t think Swampy will “feel welcome” upstairs without it.

As an only child, I guess I missed out on the camaraderie of siblinghood (it’s hard to miss something you never had, especially while playing with toys you never need to share in a silent room that is only yours). But I know I do not miss the reality-warping emotional bond that empowers your little sister to try to pull this kind of (cat) feces. I know you love her, but would you even consider offering any other human not only free lodging (and -loading) but also a spot in your own living room for a box of poop? Take off the family goggles and see the light: Swampy goes in the basement.

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